In Russia found the remains of a close friend of Napoleon


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Russian archaeologists have discovered human remains that likely belong to General Gudino, one of the companions of Napoleon Bonaparte. Guden died in Smolensk, were seriously injured during the battle at Valutina mountains on 19 August 1812. It is reported by RIA Novosti.

The remains were found during excavations at king’s Bastion in Smolensk. The skeleton is missing the left leg, and the second badly damaged. According to historical sources, the General was seriously injured in both legs, which allowed the scientists with a certain degree of certainty that the bones belong to Gudino. However, to confirm this version will help of a DNA-examination. A direct descendant of General agreed to come to Moscow, that he took genetic samples.

The body was originally placed in a wooden coffin, which remained poorly preserved wall. In addition, archaeologists have found nails.

After conducting the DNA examination and confirmation that the remains belong to the General, held the reburial of the bones in France. According to experts, it first found a General under Napoleon.

Charles Etienne de La Guden Sablonier (1768-1812) studied in Bryanskoy military school with Napoleon Bonaparte, was a close friend and ally of the French Emperor. In 1800 he became a divisional General. From 1812 he commanded the 3rd division of the 1st corps of the Grand Army. Died during the Russian campaign in 1812.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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