Named the best bikini to attract a rich husband


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The wife of a millionaire and the Swedish blogeri Anna Bay explained to the girls what bathing suit to come to the beach, to attract the attention of the rich. This writes The Sun.

According to 31-year-old Bay, the bathing suit should be classic and elegant. “First you need to decide what you want to wear: swimsuit or bikini. Swimsuit looks more elegant,” said she.

“Of course, you should choose a bikini that would suit your body type and chest size. If it is large, it is not necessary to wear a tank top with triangle cups. It your Breasts will not look attractive,” explained Bay. The owners of a “small stomach” she recommended to choose a swimsuit.

In addition, the listed Swedish clothing, which is best to avoid all women. For example, the tunic is too boring and visually weigh down any figure. Also on the beach it is better to abandon casual cotton garments: t-shirt or short shorts out of this material “is made to look very cheap.”

Another thing that can alienate the millionaire, is shale. According to the rules of etiquette in such shoes are not allowed to walk around the city.

On vacation blogery advised to wear a hat. “If you decide to wear a hat, in any case, do not wear a cap. It will not adorn. Choose something more glamorous,” she warned.

Another important accessory, according to Bay — beach bag. However, it should not be fabric, since such bags can also “cheapen” the image. Instead, blogery advises to prefer straw models.

Earlier in July, Anna Bay called the places where the easiest way to meet a rich husband. According to her, the potential choices are most often in health food stores or in tobacco shops, as well as at the Opera or the yacht show. A trip to Europe and the rest on the Mediterranean coast and Islands, like Ibiza or Mykonos, also increase the chances of meeting a millionaire. Bay advises girls to use personal connections to get into private parties and events, like secular weddings.

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