Persons with disabilities listed the worst compliments


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People with disabilities told in Twitter about when received compliments, zadavalsya their feelings. This writes the Metro.

Persons with disabilities accompany their posts with the hashtag #DisabledCompliments. The flash mob started Barbarin blogger Imani (Imani Barbarin) who has cerebral palsy. “You will serve me a reminder of how much worse life can be. I just feel lucky,” — quoted the girl offended her sentence.

Most admitted that they don’t like the phrase “You’re an inspiration”, when spoken by unfamiliar people who know nothing about what a disabled person had to go. Many touches, when they say that they don’t seem sick. According to users, this most often means that the person doesn’t know much about the illness of his companion.

Some people try to find advantages in the condition of a disabled person, that too offends them. “It is good that you have an amputated leg. You don’t have to experience knee pain as me” — gave an example of a bad compliment from one of the users. “But can house sit all day,” recalled another compliment the other user.

Jordan Haisley admitted that a University lecturer once said to her: “don’t know how you move in this wheelchair. I’d kill myself in your place”. Comrad Bowie quoted the words spoken to him about his husband: “Wow, you met before you went blind? And he dumped you?”

In June of 2019 netizens have listed mandatory for every person actions, and also feelings that is worth experiencing for everyone.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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