“Tender may” forever cease to be in Georgia because of the battle against Putin


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Soviet and Russian pop-group “Tender may” forever will stop touring in Georgia. On Monday, July 8, said the producer of the musical collective Andrey Razin in Instagram.

The reason for this decision was the statement of TV host George Gabunia that in the broadcast channel “Rustavi 2” obscenely expressed in the address of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. Razin wished to “burn the bastard in hell” and called the mother of the master.

“I appeal to all Russian artists to follow our example and never come to Georgia, yet these bastards walk the earth. Hurry Gabunia died like a dog,” wrote Razin.

The evening of July 7 Gabunia began production of the author’s program on “Rustavi 2” with obscene abuse against Putin. The channel had to stop working on the night of July 8 because of the rally near the building, which began after the journalist. The company has apologized for abusive remarks, adding that the fire was Gabunia until.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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