The woman lost 160 pounds for my dead parents


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A resident of the English city of Crewe, Cheshire dropped 160 pounds, giving a promise to his parents to get in shape. This publication reports the Daily Record.

39-year-old Sharon Blackmore (Blakemore Sharon) lost her parents seven years ago. She gave them a promise to get in shape as the woman’s weight was 238 pounds. The British had difficulty buying clothes because her size was not there. In the end, she decided to start the correct way of life and refused favorite fast food.

Blackmore started going to the gym for two and a half years she was down to 77 pounds thanks to regular exercise. According to the woman, the great support she provided her husband and her children. Now she plays sports with her daughter and feels happy.

“One thing I learned from my experience is that life is too short. You need to live for today and to ensure that you were well,” said Blackmore.

Earlier it was reported that a resident of the UK dropped 63 pounds to be slim like your mother and more not to hear the ridicule from others. The woman had to give up fast food, which she ate for a long period of time and start going to the gym. She moved to proper diet and in three weeks I saw the result.

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