The young Jews of Europe are tired of anti-Semitism


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More than 40 percent of young Jews living in Europe wanted to emigrate. It is stated in the report of the EU Agency for fundamental rights, it drew the attention of the European Jewish Congress (EJC).

“The report demonstrated that the situation of the Jewish youth of Europe looks like, without exaggeration-threatening”, — quotes the words of the President EEK Vyacheslav Moshe Kantor in the text, arrived in edition “”.

“41 percent of young respondents of the Jews of Europe considered the possibility of emigration from the country in which they live,
because they don’t feel fully safe because of nationality. Of these, 33 percent reported that active plans are moving mostly to Israel,” reads the report. Also highlights that 45 per cent of young Europeans, the Jews did not publicly demonstrate subjects indicating their origin.

44 percent of respondents said that over the past year at least once been victims of anti-Semitic insults. The survey was conducted among more than 2.7 thousands of Jews aged 16 to 34 years in 12 member countries of the European Union.

At the end of June it was reported that in the capital of Estonia polluted, untouched by the Nazis the Jewish cemetery.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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