Zelensky gave an ultimatum for the teleconference with Russia


www.vsyako.netAndrew Pelecypoda: Andrey Biletsky / RIA Novosti

Verkhovna Rada Deputy and leader of the “National corpus” Andrey Biletsky put to the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky an ultimatum in connection with the conduct of a teleconference between Russia and Ukraine. The corresponding video address nationalist published on the page “Nazarus” in YouTube.

Biletsky said that what is happening is an informative diversion. He noted that from Ukraine in the teleconference will be opened by TV channel NewsOne, recently bought by people from the entourage of opposition leader Viktor Medvedchuk, who is often accused Pro-Russian position.

As the leader of the “Nazarus”, the nationalists have something to talk about with the President Zelensky. Biletsky gave him 24 hours to give a response on “television occupation” and to prevent the broadcast. According to him, the answer should be “adequate” — from “the leader of a nation at war. Not the clown, not the artist with the oligarchic parties, and the President.”

If Zelensky will not cope with its task, the nationalists will do it on their own. “I can say one thing — such a shame in the Ukrainian air just will not” — summed up Biletsky.

Informed presenter Dmitry Kiselyov in the program “Vesti of the week” announced the holding of a teleconference between Ukraine and Russia. He recalled that in the 1980s held a teleconference between the United States and the Soviet Union, which led the journalists Phil Donahue and Vladimir Pozner. This allowed the Americans and Soviet citizens to communicate and exchange ideas in the context of the cold war.

A teleconference with participation of the Russian TV channel “Russia 1” and the Ukrainian NewsOne will take place on 12 July at 18:00 and will last two hours. The air will involve the citizens of both countries.

NewsOne TV channel, in October 2018, was acquired Ukrainian politician and economist Taras Kozak, who since 2014 has its seat in the Verkhovna Rada as a Deputy from the party of Medvedchuk “the Opposition platform For life”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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