Arrested in Sweden, A$AP Rocky was in inhuman conditions of detention


www.vsyako.netA$AP RockyФото: Neilson Barnard / Getty Images for The Recording Academy

American rapper A$AP Rocky allegedly contained in one of the detention centers in Stockholm in “inhuman” conditions. About it sources close to the musician told TMZ.

According to sources of the portal, hip-hop artist have to sleep on a yoga Mat without a blanket, it is fed extremely poor quality food and give the dirty water. The rapper was put in a cell next to a man with mental problems — he allegedly knocks her head on a concrete wall and throws its own feces which nobody cleans.

A$AP Rocky was arrested by Stockholm police on suspicion of assault. The city Prosecutor’s office demanded to put him in a detention center for two weeks, while under investigation.

Rapper denies guilt in the incident. Earlier in the Internet appeared the video, which shows how he and his aides beat up a man on the street. Late hip-hop artist posted a recording made before the fight — it is an unknown man initially attacked the man around A$AP Rocky. The musician tried to settle the conflict and offer the parties diverge.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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