Became known about the status of detainees because of the fireworks in Minsk Russians


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Victor Tolochko / RIA Novosti

Consular employees of the Russian Embassy in Belarus visited the two Russians arrested after a woman died during the salute in the centre of Minsk. It is reported by RIA Novosti.

Permission for the visit, which took place on 8 July, was issued by the Investigative Committee of the Republic. The Russians themselves, as it turned out, held in Minsk remand prison No. 1. Following the visit, the Russian Embassy said that the health of Russian citizens is “satisfactory”. “Complaints about the conditions of detention of the Russians do not have”, — said the diplomat.

According to them, at the moment, the Embassy continues to work with lawyers and maintains contact with the relatives of the detainees.

The identity of the detainees in Belarus Russians Maxim Sapronov and Konstantin Denisov became known on July 5. They were arrested after the defense Ministry of Belarus has stated that the substandard charges of the Russian production of the main cause of explosions during the fireworks in Minsk. In supplying to the Republic of pyrotechnic shells companies claim that the detained employees have nothing to produce and are consultants.

The investigative Committee is considering several versions of what happened: poor charges, faulty installation, violation of technology of their charged or used. However, the defense Ministry insist that all measures to ensure the safety of the launches were followed, and the personnel working with the plants passed the required training.

The incident, in which a woman died, happened in Minsk on Wednesday evening, 3 July. Three of the six firing units exploded shells of the same caliber, the installation broke, the splinters wounded at least 10 people and damaged buildings. A criminal case under article “Violation of rules of treatment of substances and subjects representing increased danger to others”.

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