Became known salary Zelensky day presidency


www.vsyako.netPhoto: press-service of administration of the President of Ukraine

Administration of the state of Affairs of the President, the salary of the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky at the head of the state. This is stated in the response to the query “Ukrainian news”.

Zelensky assumed presidential duties, 20 may, respectively, this month he accrued 12 727 hryvnias of a salary (31 772 rubles 70 kopecks). In June he accrued salaries in the amount of 28 000 UAH (69 901 rubles 45 kopecks).

At the same time, if you count paid and not accrued salary, the amount will be less (because of bonuses and allowances for the President are not available and, at the same time, he is not exempt from having to pay tax). Thus, in may Zelensky was paid 10 245 hryvnias of a salary (25 576 rubles 44 kopecks), and in June — 22 540 (56 270 rubles 67 kopecks).

One day of work Zelensky in office, on average, estimated hryvnia 854 (2 139 rubles 99 kopecks), if you take all the time of his continuance in office.

Earlier it was reported that the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Andriy Bogdan and his Deputy Sergei Trofimov, Yury Kostyuk, Ruslan riaboshapka, Kirill Timoshenko, Vadim pristayko and Alexey Goncharuk not officially receive a salary for their work.

In 2018 Zelensky has declared 9.7 million hryvnia (about 370 thousand dollars) income and a house, apartment, and hotel rooms.

The President is the owner of the house in Kiev with an area of 353 square meters, the apartment is 131 square meters, land area of 1200 square meters, two Parking spaces. In addition, the ownership Zelensky is a few apartments in Italy, apartments in the UK and the share of hotel rooms in Georgia.

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