Called the cost of luxury living in Russia


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Holding “ROMIR” found out what the average amount required by the Russians for maintaining a luxurious life. The results of the research are available “”.

So it became clear that the Russian family from three persons for the appropriate level of life a month, 965 thousand rubles. Four years ago amounted to 950 thousand rubles.

The Muscovites, as well as four years ago, for luxury of life must be 1.4 million rubles per month. Residents of St. Petersburg have tempered their appetites: in 2015, they had 1.3 million rubles, and now — a total of 740 thousand.

If you compare the requests of the Russians on “normal” and “luxury” life, then they differ by 12 times. For the normal life of the people of Russia on average only 78 thousand rubles per month.

In 2015, the cost of a normal life was estimated at 68.9 thousand rubles per month. The cost of luxury living was higher 14 times.

Earlier it was reported that almost a quarter of Russians said about the decent level of their income. Most of these people were in Kazan, Moscow, Grozny, Makhachkala and Simferopol.

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