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British fashion designer Stella McCartney, together with experts in the field of fashion and hygiene have determined the optimal frequency of washing underwear. Their recommendations are quoted Daily Mail.

All the experts agreed that the briefs should be washed every day due to constant contact with the groin area, where the accumulated staphylococcal bacteria. According to microbiologist from the British De Montfort University Dr. Kathy Layard (Katie Laird), themselves living in the body of the bacteria are harmless, however, because their skin can be covered with boils. Once in the blood through a small cut, they can trigger the development staphyloccocal infection.

“My research has shown that some microorganisms are able to survive in 40-degree wash. So if you work in a hospital, a kindergarten or a veterinary clinic, where care for the sick people, children or animals, I would recommend to wash clothes at 60 degrees. But for cowards, in principle, quite and 40 degrees,” commented Dr. Layard.

Microbiologist also recommended that women change bra every day. According to her, in the armpits due to sweat accumulating Golden is also present stafilokok. However, she believes that a daily Laundry service is more a matter of personal hygiene, not disease prevention.

Another expert — Dr. Lisa Ackerly — argues that there is no specific rules on washing bra, so it can be done less often: it all depends on the weather and how often the woman is sweating.

In April, the brand Levi’s made recommendations regarding the frequency of washing jeans. According to experts, there is no need to wash jeans often enough to do it once a month. “Denim is strong and durable, it does not need to be washed as often as many people think. In addition, you save water and energy,” they explained.

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