Disappointed in the show Dating a man invented a new way to find love


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Shahan Miah

A resident of the British city of Bristol, a 30-year employee of the IT industry, the MIA Shahan (Shahan Miah) has created his own website to search for the beloved after a series of failures in the framework of the selection on television shows for Dating.

According to Shah, he personally created a website called Date Shahan (“to Go on a date with Shahan”) to increase the chances of finding love. He told Metro that at this step it first inspired the Employ Adam website (“Take on the job of Adam”), which was created in 2012, then unemployed Pacitti Adam (Adam Pacitti).

IT is the employee admitted that he had a short relationship earlier, which are useless and failed, but he is currently looking for a serious relationship. Shahan told about unsuccessful experience of trying to participate in several television shows for Dating. According to him, in most cases the questionnaire did not come to participate in the program.

He noted that he had been written she is a resident of Bristol, noting that she was pleased to see someone, “who also hates all the apps for Dating”.

Earlier, photographers from United States said, how to shoot photos for profile in Dating app Tinder. According to them, the portrait is the best fit for the main picture profile.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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