Found a way to discreetly spy on the Mac via the camera


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Specialist on cyber security Jonathan Leitschuh (Jonathan Leitschuh) said in his blog about the existence of the Mac vulnerabilities that can quietly spy on other users through the camera on their device.

According to him, this is possible using the application for video conferencing Zoom, which is used by about 4 million people. Leitschuh explained that the vulnerability in Mac client allows any website to turn on the camera of the user without any warning.

The specialist added that informed the developers about the problem for more than 90 days ago, 26 March. The company released a quick update, but Leitschuh still managed to circumvent the protection. Full security patches not yet released.

He added that the app has another strange feature — the ability to re-establish yourself, even if the user performed the removal.

According to Mashable, the company promised to improve the system of control over the video stream in the next update in July. Zoom, the authors believe that the vulnerability to access to the camera is “low risk”.

It was previously detected method by which attackers for 17 years was able to access the files on your computer through a vulnerability in the Mozilla Firefox browser.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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