From the case of Kevin spacey about the harassment to 18-year-old boy disappeared main evidence


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The criminal case against Kevin spacey, who is accused of sexual harassment of 18-year-old, can be closed because of the disappearance of critical evidence. About it reports CNN on Tuesday, 9 July.

The alleged victim of the star refused to give his phone, which allegedly contained a conversation with his girlfriend, where he talked about inappropriate behaviour spacey, and also sent a video with his harassment. The young man suddenly decided to exercise the right not to testify against himself.

It is noted that earlier, the prosecution showed the lawyers of the artist contained in the telephone data, then returned the device to the owner. Currently, the phone disappeared. Team spacey believes that he was removed evidence of the innocence of their client. In connection with the incident, the judge stated that the criminal case in which the actor faced up to five years in prison, may be closed.

The incident occurred in the summer of 2016 in Nantucket. According to the victim, the actor treated him to a drink in the Club Car, and then began to touch him in the groin and unzipping of pants. Spacey also invited him to his home. The young man claims that he wrote the girl a message in which he told about the behavior of the stars, but she didn’t believe him. After that, he decided to make a video of what is happening and send it.

January 7, spacey appeared in court on Nantucket. He didn’t say a word, but lawyers on his behalf said that he was not guilty.

In the fall of 2017, the star of “house of cards” was accused of harassment and rape at least 15 people, including nine colleagues in the “a house of cards” and actor Anthony RAPP, who at the time of the incident was 14 years old.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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