In Estonia thought it a good idea to restore a monument to the SS


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The speaker of the Estonian Parliament from the Conservative people’s party (EKRE) Henn Billwas stated the need for the restoration of the monument in honor of the Estonian soldiers who fought on the German side during the Second world war. About it reports Delfi.

“This is a very good initiative, as it was a monument to the Estonian men,” — said the MP. He noted that although the soldiers on the memorial sign and was dressed in the wrong uniform, but his enemy was right.

The position of Palwasha supported his fellow party member and MEP Jaak Madison. “In 1944, the Estonians didn’t have much choice in what form to fight against the Bolsheviks and the red army”, — he said. According to Madison, the lesser of two evils had to choose the lesser. “Because these men fought for the independence of Estonia, it is beyond any doubt, we should honor their memory,” — said the MEP.

Earlier, activists EKRE took the initiative to restore the monument to the SS in the village of Lihula.

A monument to legionaries of the 20th Estonian division of the SS was erected in Lihula on August 20, 2004. On the stone was a picture of soldiers in German uniform with German Iron cross and German with a gun in his hand. The inscription under the relief reads: “Estonians who fought in 1940-1945 against Bolshevism and for the restoration of Estonian independence”. None of the officials at the opening ceremony of the monument was not present.

The installation of the monument caused protests among the Russian-speaking population. The corresponding statement was made by the foreign Ministry of Russia. The government of Estonia has come to the conclusion that it is impossible to install the country’s monuments, “the meaning and significance of which is interpreted as an attempt to revive the memory of the totalitarian regimes that occupied the country.” On 2 September 2004, the monument was dismantled.

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