In Moscow, near the burial ground of radioactive waste to build a bridge


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Construction of a bridge across the Moscow river, which will become part of the South-East Expressway may affect the burial ground with the buried waste uranium and thorium ores, with the result that in Moscow will spread radiation. Writes about this edition of The Village.

As the newspaper notes, in the 1950-1960-ies on the steep Bank of the Moscow river not far from the Park “Kolomenskoye” Polymetal plant stockpiled wastes of uranium and thorium ores. Radioactive substances on the stretch of half a kilometer just filled up with sand and clay.

Currently, this site meets the enterprise “radon”. As noted in 2008, the chief engineer of the enterprise Alexander Barinov, pollution there are tens of thousands of tons of radioactive earth, however, each year radon exports on a special site near Sergiev Posad only about 15 cubic meters of waste.

At the end of April “radon” jointly with the Ministry of emergency situations held on the slope of a certified check, the results of which showed that the permissible radiation background in some points of the territory exceeded hundreds of times. Despite this, the site is almost not fenced and available to residents: there ride bikes and have picnics. The experts fear that if the burial ground will begin construction of the six-volmerange bridge, the particles are buried there radioactive substances together with the construction dust get into the atmosphere and river.

As previously noted, the chief architect of Moscow Sergey Kuznetsov, the length of the bridge will be 270 metres, to finish it needs by the end of 2022. The architectural Committee in The Village said that while in the area of the future bridge are only pre-work. In the capital construction Department of the newspaper has assured that construction will only begin in the years 2020-2022, and the project will still be improved environmental standards, but how exactly this is done, the Agency said.

At the same time, says The Village, opposite the former factory of the river has already begun some of the work resembles a construction site. Thus, according to the newspaper, although the inhabitants of the districts through which pass the notochord, has repeatedly opposed its construction, a public hearing on this issue was held with numerous violations. In particular, in the minutes the names of the residents has been inscribed several times, also there were found the signatures of people who have not live in these areas or already dead.

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