Lukashenko complained of forgetfulness Russia


www.vsyako.netAlexander Lukashenko and Union state Secretary Grigory Rotafota: press service of the presidential administration of the Republic of Belarus

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that the talks on integration with Russia from Moscow heard some promises. He said this during a meeting with Union state Secretary Grigory Rapota, reports TASS.

According to him, when the negotiating group stumbles upon any question, the Russian government promises to take necessary decisions for his actions, but it does not. “Promised — forgot. The second time promised — forgot. That is, there is a strange inhibition of these processes,” he complained Lukashenko.

He recalled that soon in St. Petersburg will be his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin where the two leaders should discuss the results of the negotiations of the working group. “And nothing to discuss today,” protested the Belarusian leader.

Despite difficulties, Moscow and Minsk would not “break the contract” because it would do more problems than good, he added. From too deep integration Lukashenka also refused — in his words, today there is no need of uniting the two countries into one state, or even talking about it.

Informed prospects of the unification of Belarus and Russia into one state praised Russian President Vladimir Putin. As Lukashenko, he believes that this issue is not.

In June it was reported that Belarus accept or reject the proposals of Russia on further integration on the basis of their conformity with the interests of Belarus and the idea of “absolute sovereignty” of the country. While currently working on the Constitutional act of the Union state of Russia and Belarus is not conducted. The parties have prepared their proposals for the formation of the Union, are currently discussed.

The Treaty establishing the Union state of Russia and Belarus was signed in December 1999, in 2000 it came into force. The document envisages the formation of a single political, economic, military, customs, currency, legal, humanitarian and cultural space. It is expected to unify legislation, state symbols and currency, as well as the creation of a unified Parliament and other authorities.

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