Mozilla acknowledged the “villain” of the year



Mozilla was named “Internet villain” for what it introduced in its browser technology DNS-over-HTTPS. This title Opera gave the British Association of Internet providers (ISPA), made the list of “villains” and “heroes” of the year. The list is available on the organization’s website.

According to representatives of the Association, Mozilla undermines the security standards of the network in the UK, giving users the ability to bypass the parental controls and requirements of content filtering from the authorities.

Such actions of the browser become possible because of technology DNS-over-HTTPS, which the company began testing on a limited number of users. This Protocol encrypts the DNS data, which does not allow to know on which sites the user has visited, and also protects the data from interception.

In addition to Mozilla, in the category “villains” included Donald trump for sticking up for the interests of national security to the detriment of the telecommunications industry. Also providers considered to be “the villain” “Article 13” the new copyright law in the European Union. In the list of “heroes” included people who have helped to improve trust on the Internet.

Winners will be announced at a ceremony held in London on 11 July.

In July of 2019 became aware that a vulnerability in the Mozilla Firefox browser allows attackers to 17 years to access files on users ‘ computers.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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