Named the most dangerous for using the ATMs of the country


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The savings Bank has compiled a list of countries in which to exercise the greatest care when using the ATMs, reports RIA Novosti.

So, according to the Bank, the risk of becoming a victim of skimming in the UK, India, USA, Indonesia and Canada. Skimming is a form of fraud in which the keyboard of the ATM reads the pin, and magnetic stripe card data for making copies.

Sberbank recommends Russians traveling to keep your card in a safe place, do not store the pin code together with the card, cover the keypad with your hand when entering a pin code and not to use ATMs that cause doubt.

The Bank noted that in the period of summer holidays the number of thefts from Bank cards is reduced, but a growing number of cases of loss of the cards.

Earlier, the Central Bank said that every third Russian is becoming a victim of cyberhawks in the result of their own carelessness.

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