Named the most useful water bottles



Expert centre of the Union of consumers “Roskontrol” conducted a study of bottled non-carbonated water and came to the conclusion that all tested samples are safe, but not all useful. It follows from the results of the study, which came to edition”.ru”.

In General, the experts tested the water seven brands: “Coswell”, Vittel, “Holy spring”, “Senezhsky”, “Arkhyz”, “Volzhanka” and “Wave of Baikal”. They came to the conclusion that the “closest to ideal” water mark “Senezhsky”.

The researchers also praised the water of the brand “Coswell”, noting that it meets the physiological criteria of usefulness for all indicators, except the low content of fluoride. In addition, in the water of this brand was relatively high nitrate content. The researchers noted that it is typical for spring water, which “Coswell” and is, according to the labeling.

According to experts of “Roskontrol”, Vittel water is not suitable for boiling because it contains a lot of calcium and has a high stiffness and total mineralization. This water can leave scale in the kettle. The researchers noted that this water is suitable for drinking without boiling.

According to the results of the inspection in water “Holy spring” a little fluoride and calcium but in the water “Arkhyz” and “Volzhanka” fluoride little. In the product brand “Baikal Wave” the content of bicarbonate is higher than the stated values. It also does not meet the standards of the physiological usefulness of the content of fluorine, magnesium, calcium, hardness of the product.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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