New details emerged of the deaths of the sailors on the “Losharik”


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The investigation is considering sabotage as one of the basic versions of causes of the fire on the deep-sea submersible Russian Navy as-31 “Losharik”. It is reported owned by Grigory Berezkin RBC.

According to the publication, a special Commission headed by Navy commander Nikolai Evmenova have not yet come to conclusions about the causes of the tragedy. Among the major versions: fire in the electrical panel that led to the explosion, sabotage, or “collision with an external object,” which resulted in the ingress of water into the battery. Thus the interlocutor of the edition noted that the results of the investigation yet, and this is only a preliminary version of the accident.

According to preliminary data, a fire and explosion occurred in the forward compartment, where the battery. The fire occurred on the deepwater station al-31, but not on the boat-medium. The exact number of people on the “Losharik” in the time of the accident is not disclosed, however, it is known that the boat could accommodate five crew members. “Data about them and never will be, given the secrecy of the operation,” — said the source publication.

We also learned that divers are not used portable breathing apparatus (PDA), and an insulating gas masks that allow you to be in a smoke-filled space to 60 minutes. In emergency situations, the instruction requires sailors to use such devices in the first place. Probably the crew members had time to use protection due to the explosion — someone died, and someone has lost consciousness and suffocated before he could put on a PDA.

The materials of the investigation of the Commission relate to state secrets, says RBC. Access to them is not even the acting head of the Murmansk region Andrei Lapwing.

1 July in the Barents sea on a nuclear deep-water station as-31 “Losharik” project 10831, which, according to the defence Ministry, had carried out bathymetric measurements in the Russian territorial waters, there was a fire. The incident killed 14 sailors. Military officials, citing secrecy, refused to disclose details of the incident and the specific content of the tasks as-31 “Losharik”.

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