Prosecutors will learn to identify the abuse of state symbols in the network


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Russian prosecutors have prepared an updated version of the instruction on rules of consideration of addresses about the abuse of state on the Internet. The draft order of the Prosecutor General Yury Chaika published on the portal of projects of normative legal acts.

In the document there are three new points — of dissemination of information with obvious contempt of authority and the symbols on the work with notifications about the dissemination of false information, and the consideration of non-governmental organizations, whose activity is undesirable on the territory of Russia.

According to the instructions for admission of the appeal, the prosecutors must immediately check availability of the offense and to fix this fact, take a picture or screenshot of the website with the URL, time and date, and then analyze its contents.

“If the data specified in the notice the Internet resource distributed in violation of the law of information the contractor shall study all site, the web pages users of the site, monitoring of other Internet resources for possible copy of illegal information”, — said in the draft decree.

If necessary, the examination can be brought in linguists, psychologists, and other professionals. After receiving the results and confirmation of the presence of evidence of a crime obtained data is sent to the investigative body to address the question of initiation of proceedings.

On March 18, President Vladimir Putin signed a law on insulting companies, government and state symbols online. Such information includes the news that pose a threat to the public through distortion of the facts. Posted the material resources will block, for individuals a fine or arrest for up to 15 days in the case of repeated violations.

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