The ECHR has awarded compensation to the victim of domestic violence in Russia


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The European court of human rights (ECHR) awarded compensation for moral damages in the amount of 20 thousand euros to the victim of domestic violence in Russia Valerie Volodya. About it reports TASS.

Volodin complained about the beating, kidnapping, harassment and threats from her ex-husband. She said the man beat her during her pregnancy, which she had to have an abortion. In addition, the woman said that ex-boyfriend ruined the brake system of her car, stole her bag with passport and two mobile phones.

In 2016 Volodin tried to hide from men, but he tracked her down and took away the power to Ulyanovsk. It clarifies that the woman had contacted the police or the hospital to commit assault, but criminal charges against her husband were excited.

In 2018 ex-boyfriend published on the Internet pictures of women without her consent. Police have launched an investigation into the invasion of privacy, but then came to the conclusion that violence and threats of violence against women are the result of her personal “hostile relations” with her husband and jealousy on his part.

In addition, in his complaint to the ECHR, the woman claimed that “in Russia, existing legal mechanisms are not sufficient to combat the problem of domestic violence and diskriminerad women”.

According to the court, Russian authorities “had not fulfilled stemming from the European Convention on human rights the obligation to protect her from violence.” The court held that in the case of Volodya had been a violation of article 3 (“Prohibition of inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment”) and article 14 of the Convention on the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms (“Prohibition of discrimination”). The court also noted that in the Russian legislation there are gaps, showing that “the authorities do not recognize the importance of the problem of domestic violence in Russia and the discriminatory effect that violence has on women”.

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