The film about the Joker called the cause of the expected dissatisfaction of the fans


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American film Director Todd Phillips, who is filming a new movie about the supervillain “the Joker,” admitted that the plot of the upcoming film will be very different from the original comic book DC universe. His words reports Empire magazine.

“We don’t rely on the comics, and it can annoy the audience,” talked about their concerns Phillips. “We wrote our own story about where he could take a guy like the Joker. That’s what interested me. It’s not so much a film about the Joker as story of transformation into the Joker. It’s about the person,” he explained.

Phillips also said he believes Joaquin Phoenix, who played a major role in the film, the greatest artist. “While we were writing the script we have above the computer hung his [Hocine Phoenix] picture,” admitted the Director, talking about the sources of inspiration for the creation of the film.

Earlier in July, the USA Today portal has made a rating of all super villains of kynoselen “the Avengers”. The last place was taken by Russian engineer and inventor Ivan Vanko, hiding under the nickname the Whip.

The film “Joker” will be released in Russian cinemas on 3 October 2019.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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