The Georgian opposition has responded to Putin’s position on sanctions


www.vsyako.netDavid Barazzetto: Alexander Imedashvili / RIA Novosti

The representative of opposition party “the European Georgia,” David Bakradze assessed the position of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin to impose sanctions against the Republic. His words leads 1TV.

The politician said that the Russian leader was more adequate to assess this situation than the President and the leadership of Georgia. He also appreciates the fact that Putin spoke out against the anti-Georgian sanctions.

“But we have to understand that this is not what Putin and Russia want Georgia good. The threat of sanctions, and then is not imposed exactly the same mechanism of blackmail and pressure, and the sanctions themselves,” said Bakradze.

He recalled that the key “to the security and development of Georgia,” lies in expanding cooperation with NATO and the EU. “Otherwise we will always depend on what mood you Wake up and what the decision of the in the morning President Putin”, — he stressed.

Bakradze called on to “solid, institutional, European guarantees” for the future of the country, and not to continue to pursue policies that would “not upset Putin.”

Earlier Tuesday, Putin, commenting on the possibility of introducing economic restrictions, said that wouldn’t do it out of respect for the Georgian people. The Russian leader did not see the expediency in the prosecution of a journalist insulted him.

Meanwhile, the state Duma recommends to the government to consider the introduction of sanctions against Georgia, against the background of ongoing hostile action.

July 7 during the live broadcast the journalist Giorgi Gabunia, is obscenely expressed to Putin, in particular, called him “stinky occupier”. The behavior of the presenter strongly condemned not only in Russia but also in Georgia. So, the President of the Republic of Salome Zurabishvili appealed to Moscow with a request to respond to “provocation by radical forces”.

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