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An international team of researchers with the participation of a scientist from Krasnoyarsk scientific center, Siberian branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences analyzed the reasons for the attack of bears on people. This was reported on the website of the Krasnoyarsk scientific center SB RAS.

Scientists have mapped the attacks of bears and proposed recommendations to reduce the impacts from meeting people. They came to the conclusion that one of the important steps is to inform the public about how to avoid a bear, and what to do if it happened.

Experts examined data on 664 brown bear attacks on humans between 2000 and 2015 worldwide. 90 percent of the attacks resulted in injury, the death of a man over one in ten. About half of the attacks occurred in the summer, more often during the day. In all cases they occurred in the wild. The researchers attributed this to the expansion of cities towards natural habitats of animals. In addition, people are more likely to go on holiday in the countryside, in nature parks and reserves. Threat meetings also contribute to a TV show about animals that teach about their harmlessness.

Most bear attacks occur when meeting a person with a female and her cubs — half of all attacks. This is due to the fact that females protect offspring and aggressively react to meeting people. In addition, a female bear with cubs come to search for food in areas occupied by man. On a sudden meeting falls 20 percent of the attacks provoked by the presence of dogs and 17 percent, shot and injured during a hunt — 10 percent, attacks for food — five percent. Most of the attacks were provoked by a wrong and risky behavior, scientists said.

To reduce the number of dangerous encounters with bears, scientists have proposed a categorical ban on visiting parks with dogs. In addition, they are advised not to go Hiking into the wilderness alone, and make as much noise to alert predators about the presence.

The bear usually does not attack without provocation on the part of the person, said co-author, doctor of biological Sciences Alexander Shishkin. According to him, need to learn more about encounters with bears, in order to minimize tragic scenarios. “For example, on the territory of the bear is important to make noise so that the animal knew of the presence of man was not “scared”. At the meeting it is important not to run away, it plays on their instincts predator. We need to continue to make noise and to appear formidable, while retreating to a safe distance,” — said Shishkin. He added that if the bear began to secretly approach a person or keep him, we should expect the attack. In such cases it is necessary to shoot the animal, the scientist believes.

The study’s authors singled out the role of the media in the process of informing the population. They believe that the reaction of the media entails a reassessment of risk and causes negative public reaction. The researchers invited the journalists to provide objective data about encounters with predators and to disseminate scientifically sound information about the rules of conduct.

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