The man wanted to play with the bull and got to the hospital


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Alvaro Barrientos / AP

Runners at the festival of San Fermin has tried to star in the video with the bulls and received a severe wound in the neck. It is reported portal of USA Today.

Sunday, 7 July, 46-year-old Jaime Alvarez (Jaime Alvarez), together with his family went to the famous Spanish festival in Pamplona. The man decided to participate in the running of the bulls, a traditional event in which people run from 12 angry bulls. He tried to dissuade from participating in a dangerous race, but he could not resist its atmosphere.

American fled from a herd of bulls for 850 meters and then climbed a fence to escape from the pursuing animals. After some time he came down, thinking that the threat has passed. Alvarez wanted to make a five-second video in which he’d boasted that participated in the race.

At this point, the bull came up from behind and hit him with a horn. The man touched the neck, arm, saw the blood and realized how strong was wounded. He didn’t know what to do, but someone grabbed his arm and dragged him through the crowd straight to the doctors.

The patient was operated in regional clinic for over two and a half hours. Experts noted that the horn of a bull went deep into the neck of the victim, broke part of the cheekbone and missed the jugular vein and major arteries, which surprised the doctors. Now to the man threatens nothing.

Alvarez said that he hopes for a quick discharge. In the future he would like to return to the festival as a spectator.

In March it was reported the visitor of the zoo, which was attacked by a Jaguar. The woman climbed over the barrier to take a selfie with the animal and received deep wounds on both hands.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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