The nutritionist advised Russians less likely to feed children sausages


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Nicholas Khizhnyak / RIA Novosti

Small children should not feed sausages every day, their diet should avoid salty, smoked and fried. About it RIA Novosti was told by the dietitian research Institute health organization and medical management of the capital Destava Victoria Egorova.

According to her, the child must be a variety of food, and if we are talking about sausages, that is, they better not often. “There are children’s hot dogs, which are other composition. They are adapted precisely to the child’s diet. You need to teach him proper nutrition since childhood,” added the doctor.

Yegorov said that improper eating habits are formed in childhood, and affect this family. If the parents eat sausage, sausages and lots of mayonnaise, the child by their example will be to eat as well.

“If we say that for a healthy person no prohibited products have their number. It is possible, but sometimes. But [for] the child strongly recommend that conservation, too sweet foods with a high content of salt,” she added.

Previously a member of the National Association of clinical nutrition Anna Ivashkevich called the daily rate of consumption of sweets. She pointed out that in the day you can afford no more than 40 grams of sugar is about four chocolates. It is necessary to consider also the sugar contained within sauces and other products.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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