The passengers of the crashed aircraft shared their feelings


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Two passenger planes collided at Schiphol airport in Amsterdam. About it reports The Guardian.

The incident occurred on the morning of July 9 when its Airbus A320 EasyJet and Boeing 737-800 aircraft carrier KLM is rolled back from the gates. Pictures taken by passengers of both planes, show that the wing of the airliner EasyJet touched the tail of the second aircraft.

According to passengers, during the collision they do not feel anything except a little push, and thought that it was “in order”.

After the incident, their flight was delayed for hours. At first, the passengers in the next hour sat in the aircraft until the ground staff had decided how to handle the results of collisions , and then waited for the replacement aircraft at the airport for another four hours.

In the end, both airlines managed to find a spare aircraft and moving passengers. In addition, tourists were handed vouchers for refreshments.

In April, two planes collided at the airport East Midlands located in Central England. The participants of the incident were the aircraft of Ryanair and Jet2. The collision occurred during towing of the Ryanair plane, which rammed the ship Jet2. The cause of the incident was heavy fog.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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