The President of Georgia has asked the protesters to postpone the flag of patriotism


www.vsyako.netSalome Zurabishvili: Ints Kalnins / Reuters

The President of Georgia Salome Zurabishvili during the briefing appealed to the protesters with a request to put aside the emotions and political preferences. Reports about it “Sputnik Georgia”.

Zurabishvili said about the necessity of de-escalation within and outside the country, adding that patriotism has nothing to do with discrediting the country and its destabilization. It condemned those who by their actions and statements “under the flag of patriotism” is detrimental to citizens and their economic well-being in Georgia and beyond.

The head of state reminded that the government has already made concessions to the protesters — she Zurabishvili invited politicians to use for expression “platform of the presidential dialogue”, and the Parliament amended the electoral law, as demanded by the protesters.

Protests in Georgia started on June 20 and continued for 20 days. In the night from 8 to 9 July in Tbilisi, at the same time passed at once four protest actions. The first group of protesters were anti-Russian slogans against the “occupation” and advocated the resignation of interior Minister Georgi Gajaria; the second protested against the holding in the capital stock of LGBT “March of dignity”. Another protest was held outside the interior Ministry, where people spoke in support of LGBT rights and the resignation Gajaria. The last group of protesters gathered outside the TV channel “Rustavi-2”, demanding to dismiss its CEO and insulted the President of Russia, leading.

The first two events took place on Rustaveli Avenue at the same time, which eventually led to a clash of protesters. During the protests, the protesters pelted each other with bottles, and one of the participants of anti-Russian actions was injured and was hospitalized with a broken belt buckle head. The cause of the collision, according to some, was that several participants of anti-Russian rally joined the campaign opposing the gay parade.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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