The published record of negotiations of the purchase of defective bulletproof vests for the APU


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Mykola Lazarenko / RIA Novosti

The state Bureau of investigation of Ukraine has published the fragments of telephone conversations of employees of the Ministry of defence about the supply of defective bullet-proof vests. This entry was posted on the YouTube channel GBR.

The recording heads of one of divisions of the Ministry of defence, servicemen and engineers dated April of this year. The names of the members are not called. On one of the fragments technologist said, “Well, honestly, shit.” On another military recounts his words: “the Technologist says this ass, artisanal work.” The third — the words of the official: “do You accept the body armor that strikes six times. Six bullets had been soldiers and have realized that we are fags.”

Investigators said that the vests “Le Corsaire,” the first and fourth classes of protection should not be attacked when immersed in water during rain. However, during the laboratory tests taken in defense of both kinds of armor could not withstand shots from a Makarov pistol. Despite the obvious marriage, the product was adopted by the defense Department.

Just seized 11 thousand bullet-proof vests. According to preliminary calculations, the actions of officials have caused damage to the state in the amount of about UAH 100 million (almost 246 million).

In late June, investigators RRT raided and they took all the documentation in the Directorate of development and support of the material support of the Armed forces of Ukraine. Because of this, the Ministry of defense was not entitled to conclude contracts for the supply of equipment.

Earlier in June it became known about purchase by Kiev for his army batch of defective APCS that have not accepted in Iraq. In the vehicles could see numerous cracks, and the hulls of armored personnel carriers were deformed.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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