The staff of the mental hospital told me about the most incredible antics of the patients


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Reddit users have shared stories about the most unusual actions of people with mental illness. Thread with their stories gained 47 thousand likes and more than ten thousand comments.

Most often, patients of hospitals surprised the staff what they were saying. According to Tchad78, one 60-year-old woman left the room with bare chest and saying: “My nipples, for the children, please.” The other woman thought you were a God and every night put it under the bed Mat from the bathroom, because that way, in her opinion, defending himself from people who tried to electrocute her vagina.

Some patients came up with a pretty clever escape plans. PMS_Avenger_0909 said that one man asked for the vaseline. He undressed, smeared them and tried to escape from the clinic. The guards did not allow him to do so, however, it was difficult to catch him because his whole body was slippery.

Secretvillain remembered the case with my grandmother, who peacefully walked through the garden next to the hospital, and then abruptly put a chair to the fence, climbed up on him and clumsily climbed the fence, yelling, “Bye, [skank]”. Some time later she was found in the city, where she tried to buy alcohol.

The patient went GrampaBubblegumBalls glued to the soles family photo, explaining that so preserves proximity with them. Wearer Zaardo shared the story about the guy who smashes his fist into the wall until they tore it into blood. Thus he intended to protect the nurse from the devil.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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