The woman explained transgender vaccinations and puzzled users of the network


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Lindsey Wasson / Reuters

Wearer Twitter posted a picture in which the appearance of transgender people associated with the consequences of a failed vaccination of children. Other users made fun of its approval, later the post was deleted.

The woman with the nickname BGailQu made a publication, which stated: “did you Know that your boy was inoculated with vaccines containing DNA from aborted girls? Vaccines — cause gender confusion?” According to her, no health organization in the world has studied the possibility of such influence on the child’s body.

The assertion of the wearer immediately questioned, citing the example of other medical tools and their application. User Wh0v1an_4_L1fe remembered that the Creator of insulin received it from the pancreas of a dog, but no one is diabetic is not turned into a dog. Chris_Hubris led his example: “If it were true, then all who eat pork, would turn into the swine.”

Some users were surprised by the approval of women about the lack of research on this topic. They began to invent their own similar theory. User Okeating proposed to assume that cats can read minds, because neither the vet didn’t do the research on this. There were those who agreed with her skepticism about the research. “She’s right about one thing: none of the health care authority did not investigate it,” wrote AdamRutherford.

In the description of the woman’s profile stated that her child became disabled at the age of 14. She claims that this happened because of the vaccinations, and to be cured he managed only with the help of homeopathy.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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