The woman mistakenly gave birth to other children and gave their parents


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A resident of the U.S. borough (district) Queens, state of new York, gave birth to twins from biological material unfamiliar pairs as a result of medical errors. It is reported by news portal The New York Post.

The couple, identified by initials in the documents as Y. Z. and A. P. (Y. Z. and P. A.), has long tried unsuccessfully to have a baby. In January of last year, they went to the clinic, Joshua Berger (Joshua Berger) and Simon Hong (Simon Hong) CHA Fertility Center, which is known for a good reputation in the field of in vitro fertilization (IVF).

Within one month the couple took the necessary procedures, take his medication and eventually received eight embryos for transplant. For consultations, medicines and travel to Los Angeles, where the clinic, they spent about 100 thousand dollars (6.4 million rubles). In July of the same year, A. P. underwent IVF, however, the attempt did not give the desired result.

A month later the doctors used two female embryo transplant, and in September the woman became pregnant. Later an ultrasound revealed that she is expecting two boys. A concerned patient asked the CHA Fertility Center for a consultation. Berger and Hong examined the results of ultrasound and concluded that the machine and the experts could be wrong.

31 March 2019 A. P. gave birth to two boys via caesarean section. Both of the children looked different from parents of Asian origin. A later test confirmed that the children were not native to them. In addition, both boys were not related to each other genetically.

Y. Z. and A. P. were forced to give children to their biological parents, who were also patients of CHA Fertility Center. The couple sued the clinic in a lawsuit. They argue that for a long time could not share the incident with family and friends as this caused them serious psychological trauma.

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