Thieves complained to the interior Minister on the hard life


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Thieves-in-law began to complain to the interior Ministry leadership on various oppressions. On Tuesday, July 9, according to “Komsomolskaya Pravda. Krasnodar”.

According to the publication, recently, the lawyer of the kingpin of Zurab Margvelashvili, known in criminal circles as Zura Kutaisi, has applied to the Ministry of internal Affairs a complaint to the head of Department Vladimir Kolokoltseva. The lawyer complained Kolokoltsev for his Deputy, Michael Vanichkin, which made the decision on undesirability of stay in Russia, Margvelashvili — persons without citizenship.

“The criminal record of the defendant in the past, it is extinguished, which means that it does not pose a threat to society. (…) The information about the fact that Margvelashvili is engaged in extortion, robberies and robberies, are slander and nothing is confirmed,” the lawyer says.

A second complaint to the Minister Kolokoltsev has written to the 57-year-old kingpin Georgy Beriev (Gia Pregnant): he asked the head of the MIA of Russia for the return of his citizenship, as authority is “the only breadwinner in the family that needs his care.” In addition, Beriev has accused employees of Criminal investigation of bias.

28 may it was reported that in Tomsk region employees of the Ministry of interior with support of fighters of Regardie detained the thief in the law Nikolay Kuzmichev (nick Tomsk) in respect of which a criminal case under the new article of the criminal code of the Russian Federation against criminal authorities.

On 1 April the President of Russia Vladimir Putin signed the law on criminal punishment of those occupying higher position in criminal hierarchy — relevant article introduced in the criminal code. The maximum punishment on it — from 8 to 15 years of prison and a fine of five million rubles.

After the adoption in Russia antivirusul law criminal authorities began to move abroad. Mostly they choose to live Cyprus and Turkey.

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