Ukrainian football player sorry about the inability to come to Russia


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Defender Slovak “Zemplin” and the youth national team of Ukraine Danylo Bezkorovainy expressed regret at being unable to come to live in Russia and my grandmother. An interview with the player was published on the website

“My grandmother lives in Russia. She is already old and constantly asks me to come to her, but I can’t. How so? Is this normal? If you cross the border, I’m a traitor!” said 20-year-old.

According to the Ukrainian policy does not have to touch the sport and affect people’s attitudes. The defender also considered the unjust criticism passed in the Russian Premier League (RPL) compatriots. “Why do our singers go to Russia, their performers to Ukraine, but the player to go to Russia, how the rising storm of discontent?” — added Bezkorovainy.

The last Shuttle service of the Ukrainian footballer at RPL was the transition Yaroslav Rakitskiy in the St. Petersburg “Zenith” from Shakhtar Donetsk in January 2019. After moving to Russia, defender ceased to cause in a national team.

Bezkorovainy is a graduate of the Academy of FC Volyn. For “Zemplín” he played 22 games. Together with the national team of Ukraine, he this year won the youth world championship, which took place in Poland from 23 may to 14 June.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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