Wrote about the torture of the FSB the journalist was accused of effect on the subconscious of people


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The journalist of weekly newspaper “Yakutsk evening” Mikhail Romanov was accused of abuse of freedom of information officer pointed out that one of the articles he “influenced the subconscious of people”, reports “Kommersant”.

In April 2019, the newspaper “Yakutsk evening” has published an article about the kidnapping and beating of a programmer’s North-Eastern Federal University (NEFU). According to the researcher, he was tortured by the FSB because of comments in social networks about the incident in Arkhangelsk in October 2018, when the student-anarchist made up in front of the district FSB.

The district Commissioner major Rushan Alimov July 2, came to the editorial office and demanded the author to come with him for questioning. Deputy chief editor Vitaly Abedin noted that therefore the police “strenuously practiced the “order” of the regional Department of the FSB.”

Later ulama have opened administrative case under section 1 of article 13.15 of the administrative code of Russia (abuse of freedom of mass information). In the text of the Romanov police officer read the fragment: “this is a story about the fact that everyone can get into the millstone of the state machine. And the fact that Big Brother is watching, reading all the comments on the forums…”. He felt that part of the text “contains a hidden insert, affects the subconscious mind of people and has adverse effects”.

According to the interior Ministry Romanov immediately notified about the availability of the case on administrative offence, but he, under various pretexts were asked to postpone giving explanations for later. The head of the Russian Union of journalists Vladimir Solovyov assured that cjr got the situation under control. “I think it’s something beyond. What “acts on the subconscious”? This should engage health workers”, he added.

In may 2017 The New Times has received a warning from Roskomnadzor for an interview with a terrorist from Kaluga. The Agency considered that the text contains signs justify terrorism. A month later chief editor of the magazine of Evgeny Albats announced the closure of the newspaper, but the preservation of the site.

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