A teleconference between Russia and Ukraine was part of the campaign


www.vsyako.netPhoto: official website of the party “Opposition platform For life”

The idea of holding a teleconference between Russian and Ukrainian NewsOne and TV channels “Russia 1” belonged to the member of the party “Opposition platform For life,” Serhiy Lyovochkin and was his campaign strategy. This was reported by “Ukrainian truth” with reference to a source in the party.

“According to the plan of the former head of administration of President Yanukovych (Lyovochkin held this position from 2010 to 2014 approx. “Of the tape.ru”), the idea of bridge and its subsequent ban was to mobilize the electorate, “the Opposition platform”,” — said the source publication.

He added that the opposition wanted to win over the electorate of other parties, including “public Servants”. It was assumed that the lack of an adequate response of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky would turn away his political power part of a Patriotic population. Due to this manipulation, “the Opposition platform” expected to receive in the next opinion polls, more than 15 percent support.

A teleconference between NewsOne and “Russia 1” was scheduled for 12 July, but due to threats of physical violence Ukrainian channel have refused this idea. The telethon was criticized by many politicians in Kiev, including Zelensky. In his opinion, so Moscow is trying to divide the Ukrainian people into two camps.

Early elections to the Verkhovna Rada will be held on July 21. They will involve 22 of the party. The decision to hold elections was taken after Zelensky announced the dissolution of Parliament due to the extremely low level of credibility on the part of citizens.

According to a recent survey conducted by the Kiev international Institute of sociology from 25 June to 7 July, the party of “servant of the people” leads the ranking; it was supported by 37.8% of voters. “The opposition platform For life” in second place with 11 percent of voters. The five leaders also includes “European solidarity” (7.2 percent), “Fatherland” (4.8 percent) and “the Voice” (3.4 percent).

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