Activists of the “Home in the USSR” was taken prisoner by the Russians


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Dmitry Korotaev / Kommersant

In Nizhnevartovsk the activists of the radical movement “back Home in the USSR” was locked in his office man and had been kept there for more than an hour. About this the victim told the publication “”.

According to the man, he came to the organization to learn more about their activities, and appealed to the “passport service” for the so-called certificate of the citizen of the USSR. When it became clear that to obtain documents you must provide personal details and pay fee in the amount of 300 rubles, he became indignant and demand an explanation.

In response, activists shut down his office and refused to release, to rescue his friends had, behind the door, and the police. In the organization of the incident refused to comment.

In July last year it was reported about the searches conducted by employees of military counterintelligence of FSB in the apartment of the self-proclaimed President of the Soviet Union Sergei Taraskina. The searches were conducted in the apartment of a colleague Taraskina Alexander Solovyov, the reason was the earlier criminal case on charges of incitement to extremist activities, in which both men are witnesses.

Sergei Taraskin, a dentist from Zelenograd, who declared himself acting President of the USSR, since the latter, in his opinion, is not legally ceased to exist, while the office of President was free for more than 18 years, and “none of the officers and soldiers of the Soviet army, which had to fulfill their own military oath, this post is not entered”. He has supporters who consider the Russian Federation an illegal entity, having its own territory.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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