Former prisoners told of the amazing discoveries after release


www.vsyako.netThe frame: the film “the Shawshank redemption”

Reddit users have shared stories about what things most impressed them or friends after a long prison term. They talked about it in the thread, who scored 52 thousand likes and 10 thousand comments.

Most former prisoners were surprised by mobile phones. Many of them were arrested, when the cell consists of a huge apparatus and was not for everyone. According to Bigmac22077, his colleague thought that the people on the street trying to talk to him, and only after a while realized that they were talking on the phone.

Friend Littup1 shook the digital camera. “He bought some old, terrible camera and couldn’t get enough,” recalled user. People for a long time been in prison, was amazed by computers, the opportunity to watch movies on Netflix and fun with virtual reality (VR). “When my friend wore a virtual reality helmet, he got scared, fell and broke it,” wrote FreezyFast20.

In addition, many it was difficult to understand the ubiquity of social networking. “I once took a friend of mine just released from prison, in a cafe. He couldn’t believe that people take pictures of the food and then post the photo to Instagram,” said Kwack250.

Ex-prisoners often surprised by simple things. “The first time you stand on the carpet, it’s hard to describe,” shared their feelings Stuckondense. “Darkness, silence, chairs with soft seats, the ability to take a shower without sandals and the bed that was me for growth”, recalled Bmjslider.

Informed staff of the mental hospital told me about the most incredible antics of the patients.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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