George Martin revealed details of the release of the prequel to “Game of thrones”


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The author of a cycle of novels “a Song of ice and fire” George RR Martin in an interview with Entertainment Weekly revealed details of the release in Northern Ireland of the prequel series “Game of thrones”, the plot of which lay his books.

According to the writer, the actions of the prequel will be developed over five thousand years before the events shown in “Game of thrones”. While Westeros is very different from the place where he was born Jon snow. For example, instead of the seven large kingdoms on the mainland there were about a hundred young, at that time there was not yet the dynasty of the Lannisters, in their family estate lived another family. “The Lannisters yet, but Casterly Rock is definitely it… He’s busy family Casterly, after whom it is still named “Game of thrones”,” — said Martin and said that the family of the Starks will be presented in the prequel.

The author also stated that the upcoming picture will not be dragons, but there are other strange creatures, direwolves, mammoths and white walkers, the confrontation of ordinary people which will be the main conflict of the series.

Martin confirmed that the three leading female roles will be performed by actress Naomi watts, Naomi EKI and Dennis Gough. In addition, the writer admitted that the prequel still has the title, however, he would not mind the name “the longest night”.

Earlier in July, Martin condemned the fans of “Game of thrones” for toxicity. In may, fans demanded to reshoot the final season of “Game of thrones”, which they deemed unsuccessful.

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