Hundreds of Android apps were secretly able to follow users


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More than thousands of Android apps collect data about a user’s location, even if he did not allow them to do it. About it writes the Verge, referring to a study by the international Institute of computer science.

Experts analyzed 88 thousand applications and found that 1325 of them violate the prohibition of the user to collect data about it. Program learn the location of the person using the resources of other apps that have permission to get geolocation.

This becomes possible also due to the fact that some of these applications are created using the same set of development tools. Such a program can share data with each other, and to store information in a place which has access to similar application.

According to experts, in most cases we are talking about the kit, developed by the Chinese company Baidu and firm Salmonads. On its basis, for example, applications for Samsung and Disney.

In addition, part of the application uses to retrieve the geolocation of the user data and Wi-Fi information stored in the metadata of the photos.

The authors of the study said that they had informed Google about the results of their work in September 2018. The company has promised to fix vulnerabilities in the Android Q update, which should come out within 2019.

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