Husband wife was jealous of the ringer and stabbed him with a machete


www.vsyako.netFrame: New Zealand Herald

In the new Zealand city of Auckland armed with machetes husband killed a bell ringer who was allegedly cheating on his wife. According to Daily Mail, the man was put in jail.

In November 2018 45-letni Wet Ve (Vea Ueta) found in correspondence of the wife of Church Minister Luliana Lyase (Laulimu Liuasi), which traced the sexual innuendo. After that 62-year-old has continued to communicate with the woman, and even arranged a meeting between the two families in order to clarify the omissions. Wife CES and clergyman claimed to have kept faithful to their spouses.

In January 2019, to Ve, being drunk, sweetheart expressed their suspicions. The next day, the woman said that he sees no future in their relationship, and asked her husband to move out. After that, the pair appeared in a kind of triumph, where, according to witnesses, the husband looked “closed”. Later he returned home, took a machete and climbed into the Catholic Church, where he was Lyase. The man struck the bell ringer stab wounds and waited a few minutes to confirm his death.

Then a jealous husband came to the wife and told about the murder. The woman rushed to Lyase and tried to give him CPR, but the clergyman was dead.

On Tuesday, July 9, the court sentenced the Uet Ve a life sentence in prison with the right to parole after 17 years.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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