In Oceania, began in a mysterious massacre of the aborigines


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At least 15 women and children became victims of a brutal massacre in a village in Papua New Guinea. This is with reference to police data, writes The Guardian.

The incident occurred on the morning of 8 July in the village of karida, where only home to about 800 people, in hela province. According to one eyewitness Philip Pima, 16 people died: eight children aged from one year to 15 years and eight women, two of whom were pregnant.

The man said that the attack occurred at about 6 a.m. he woke up and went to the kitchen, when I heard the shots and saw a few burning houses. “I knew that the enemies are already in the village, so I just ran away and hid in the bushes,” he said.

Pima returned only a few hours and saw cut into pieces of the body. According to him, the victims were so dismembered that it was impossible to know who belonged to one or another part. In the end, the people just wrapped the remains in a mosquito net and left the village, fearing another attack. Go back and bury the dead, they decided only together with the police.

The cause of the incident is unknown. However, according to Piaa, attack by “enemies” can be associated with a long-standing hostility of the local tribes. At the same time, BBC News notes that the incident likely was a response to an attack on another village Anima, where you previously killed seven people.

The provincial Governor Philip Andialu also believes that the massacre was part of a conflict that lasts many years. At the same time, he stressed that the recent attacks perpetrated on innocent people who never expect it.

The Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea James Marape in turn indicated that the perpetrators must be found and punished. He noted that the region is not enough police, but his requests to increase the number of guards since 2012 left without support. “How can a province with 400 thousand inhabitants be maintained in order if there are working no more than 60 police?” he said.

In recent years, hela, and other high mountain areas are increasingly affected by violence. From the region come reports of killings, repression, and sexual violence, which has worsened with the increased availability of firearms.

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