In Ukraine, talked about governing the country the thieves


www.vsyako.netVyacheslav Abroschenko: page Vyacheslav Abroskin in Facebook

The Ukrainian thieves have their representatives in all public institutions, energy companies and law enforcement agencies. About this on his page in Facebook said the Deputy head of national police of Ukraine Vyacheslav Abroskin.

According to him, now in the country there are 15 crime bosses. Many of them have become dollar millionaires, have a property abroad and have numerous connections in the power structures of Ukraine.

“They are different from the thieves of the 80-ies, they want to have not only “thieves” power, but also ordinary, and therefore actively participate in all electoral processes in our country, everywhere are his henchmen. They have become a kind of thieves ‘ “top managers”,” — said Abroskin.

To combat the criminals we need a new law, said the Deputy head of the national police. “To these leaders of the underworld shunned all, as an epidemic, otherwise they will hit more and more of our state institutions and destroy the country from within”, he added.

In September 2018 the employees of the security Service of Ukraine detained in Kiev kingpin Otari of Devnozashvili, known in criminal circles as Papuna. The criminal authority was in the Ukraine, despite the ban on entry into this country.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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