Joined at the head twins said coming of age contrary to the predictions of doctors


www.vsyako.netTwins Niamh and Nellie Photo: Stijn Brinkmann / Barcroft Media / TASS

Joined at the head Siamese twins from Suriname noted 18 years, although doctors believed that they will live only up to 10 years. On it informs the British edition Daily Mail.

Twins Niamh (Neev) and Nelly (Nelly) was born in the family Golestan (Kolestein) 18 years ago. Children were born with fused skulls, but separate from body and brain. This anomaly occurs in only 2-6% of newborn Siamese twins.

Parents wanted children divided, but experts thought it was impossible, because they have shared a vital artery. The doctors were convinced that girls would die immediately after birth, or live to a maximum of 10 years. To get professional help, the family moved from South America to the Netherlands.

Grown-up twins had lead a sheltered life, because the surrounding inadequately reacted to their appearance. They asked why parents Niamh and Nellie did not terminate the pregnancy, some even said that the family holds them for money. When the girls were 16 years old, his folks tried to instill in them the confidence.

The twins don’t want to split up, despite the fact that they can see each other only in the mirror. They started a YouTube channel and an account on Instagram to show people that they are not just twins with disabilities, and individuals with a rich inner world. They believe that the most important thing is health, and hope to get used to them.

Earlier in July it was reported about Siamese twins from India who were born with a shared heart. Due to the fact that they can be fused and other vital organs of the children cannot be separated.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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