Kicked out of the meeting, the official said Zelensky a moron and going to court


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Secretary of the city Council of Boryspil Yaroslav Godunok, which the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky was kicked out of the workshop, going to sue the President in court. The official said in an interview “Strenia”.

“Of course, I now will go to court. I got a shock. I am for this moron pulled MAZ (…) Unless the President can behave like this? I am ready to answer for every cent for any crime, believe me. But has no moral right President to behave. I will not forgive him,” said the Godunok.

According to him, before the meeting Zelensky did not know about the criminal record of meeting participants — about it the President said his assistant directly during the event. The official said that after reading the dirt from the Internet, Zelensky refused to listen to his report about problems in the district administration called a bandit.

The Godunok has linked the incident with the upcoming elections to the Verkhovna Rada: he intends to run for the district 98 from the party “Batkivshchyna”, and Zelensky in the area have their candidate. “I have the rating I was four times elected a Deputy (…) And this info on me he slipped, when he saw that their candidate Zelensky in Borispol, I loses,” he said.

The announcement of convictions for robbery Godunok denied. The official stated that he was tagged, but the blame could not prove.

The incident with the participation of the President and Secretary of Boryspil city Council occurred on Wednesday, July 10. The Godunok took the floor during the discussion of the status of the local hospital, but Zelensky was interrupted, was called a robber and kicked out of the room.

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