Lithuanian Prime Minister decided to resign


www.vsyako.netSaulius Swarnalatha: Ints Kalnins / Reuters

Prime Minister of Lithuania Saulius Squirrels have declared their intention to remain in his post, despite the expressed desire to resign. Reports about it “European truth”.

“At the meeting with the elected President Gitanas Nausea when faced with creation of a new coalition, assessed the situation, talked about the need to continue the work. Support was expressed, and I decided to form a government and continue to implement important Affairs,” he said.

Squirrels said that it was unable to say which of the Ministers will stay and who will leave the government and, until the call potential candidates. With the President he discussed, including the approach to the formation of a new government.

“We are talking about another principle of formation, it is both political and professional principle,” he said.

In may, the Squirrels participated in the presidential elections, where he took third place with a score of about 20 percent. The politician considered the defeat of absenteeism in the second round and promised to resign on July 12. “It means that I don’t trust people I can’t lead the government”, — he said.

The winner of the presidential race was an independent candidate, economist Gitanas Nausea. He was supported by 68.4% of voters.

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