Named the best way to solve the gas dispute with Ukraine


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Dmitry Astakhov / RIA Novosti

The most realistic way to solve the gas dispute with Ukraine is the creation of a consortium that would take into account the interests of Moscow as a supplier of gas to Kiev as a transit country and the countries of the European Union as consumers. This was stated by co-Chairman of party “Oppositional platform For life,” Yuriy Boyko at a meeting with Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev. The words of the Ukrainian policy leads RIA Novosti.

Boyko said that the scenario of a consortium “the Opposition platform” will be able to go after the elections to the Verkhovna Rada, when you get the opportunity to influence the processes from the point of view of the presence in the government or from the Parliament.

Another scenario is to maintain the current terms of the contract, the validity of which will expire at the end of 2019. “Both scenarios require additional consultations,” he added.

Informed about two ways to resolve the gas dispute with Ukraine, said Dmitry Medvedev. At the meeting with Yuriy Boyko and head of the political Council “the Opposition platform” Viktor Medvedchuk it was absurd and stupid situation in Ukraine, when gas consumers in the “not very rich state,” get paid 25 percent more than they could.

The parties decided to return to the discussion of gas issues after the parliamentary elections to be held on 21 July, and the formation of a new government.

The idea of creating a consortium to manage the Ukrainian gas transport system with participation of Russia began many years ago. It was assumed that there will be three parties: Kiev, Moscow and the European Union. But in 2013, the Russian government abandoned this plan because of the decision of Ukraine to sign the Association agreement with the EU.

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